Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ten Day Update

Ten days since my last post? Where has the time gone? My pants are a little tighter, so I can assure you that a fair amount of time has been spent with my feet under a table!

When we were visiting in Thompson, my dear daughter-in-law spoiled us with wonderful dinners. Now that pasta doesn't make me sick, I crave her spaghetti and lasagna...she indulged me with both! My son, the meat master, made delicious shrimp one night with a spicy sauce that knocked our socks off. Can't remember the other meals, but these dinners stood out as "fabulous". When you get old, one of the perks is to let the young look after you, and isn't it nice when they do? The boy was so generous, he even gave me a bug he was nursing, so I missed an entire day of baby time. And how is the baby? You mean besides brilliant, high spirited and wonderful? Okay, I guess! She is the most amazing little creature. I didn't have much time with my own baby at this stage, so it really is a blessing to be with her doing the most mundane things. My main goal in life is to have her realize that I am her biggest fan....she may have gotten the hint of the future of indulgence that awaits her from the bag of Hershey kisses I was pleased to pop into her little beak on demand. Idid learn however, that it might not be a good idea to stuff a child with chocolate the first time they discover it.Best to ease theminto it. I think the caffeine has a jarring effect on their nerves after the fifth "kiss"!

I have nothing to report in the line of shopping...haven't hit the stores in awhile, on or off line. Other than a few little accessories from QVC (sunglasses and a purse organizer and a t-shirt dress - if they are keepers, I will ahow you)and a single Trollbead. Just one. Really.

Last night we went to the movie "DATE NIGHT". I have never laughed out loud in a movie so much in my life. I'm known for shushing people so I won't miss anything, but this movie had me in stitches. Don't miss it!

Yesterday's food: Breakfast was two gf waffles, two eggs, orange juice. Lunch was Antipasto with gf crackers. Supper was fruit, veggies & dip. Snackage was a gf orange cranberry muffin AND an oatmeal cookie with my hot chocolate at a coffee place. Now, that was an unprecedented treat. Usually I get to observe the chowing of goodies at Tim's, narrated by reluctant snackers. If you are ever eating an eclair or other decadent confection, and are approached by a statuesque woman wanting you to talk dirty to her at a coffee shop? It is just me wanting to live vicariously through your taste buds. Back to food on May 11. We had Cheezies while watching tv last night too. Half a bag, half a movie, and I was out like a light!

Today? Breakfast: Two gluten free waffles, 1 tsp of butter, 1 T of syrup, two eggs, Orange juice. Lunch will be beans, fruit and milk. Supper will be spread between nibbles at a "do" and Chinese food at our favourite place. I think tonight, though, judging by the tightness of my pants? I will have a bowl of Tom Sum soup and call it done. Time will tell, and so will I, at the end of the day!

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