Thursday, May 20, 2010


Breakfast: cubed potatoes, two slices of bacon, two eggs, a glass of skim milk
Lunch: GF cheese pizza, Fresca
Supper: 3 oz of chicken breast, potato/spinach puree, orange ginger glazed baby carrots

MMMMMM good! This morning I woke up bright and early, and spend an unprecedented half hour fixing breakfast. Boy, was it GOOD! Once in awhile a treat is a treat, right? I had a hair cut at eleven...still not sure if I like it but the husband is crazy about it. Short hair and I have a love hate relationship. This seems to be a godo cut, but you can't really tell because the guy put so much styling mud into it, that I am awfully sticky! I will have to wash my hair before bed, just to get the crud out of it! Anyway, the front is nice and short, and out of my eyes. That is the main criteria for summer hair - get out of my face!

So, that left the rest of the afternoon to visit, and that I did. It looks like the long weekend will be a little lonely - we seem to be the only ones in town! Maybe we will take a jaunt south of the border...hmmmm...just what we need. More travel!

Since I have a splitting headache, it is early to bed for me!

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