Monday, May 31, 2010

Early in the day, early in the week, early in the month.....

Payday today! Whoo hoo! Where did it all go so fast? Story of my life! One of the blessings in my life is a hubby with a job! Yesterday we did a good shop at Costco, so I have all the fruits and veggies my heart desires. Breakfast today was scrambled eggs topped with a bit of grated cheddar and hot salsa, and then a cup of cherries for "dessert" . My, that was good! Here it is almost supper time, and I am just beginning to get peckish. Not quite sure what supper will be, but I am sure I have the makings of a good one! Very quiet day today...basic dusting, garbage gather and bed linens changed. Tomorrow, vacuuming and kitchen get my attention. I am putting things off as hubby will be out of town for a week, and that will be a great time to toss things and shine up what is left!

Yesterday, a purple bowl found its way into our cart at Costco. It is large, and has a pearly finish, that reminds me of black pearls, or oil on a mud puddle! Sound appealing? Now, there is not a thing that is purple in our house, but this bowl is perfect for our coffee table. Sometimes things just work out. I am now thinking that a purple front door would be nice...I am going to get a quart of paint colourmatched to the tubs of flowers in the front. A rather deep, rich purple. Should be pretty. And what the heck. It is only paint.

Another find was a big duffle bag. I travel with far too many suitcases when we go on car trips. A little bag for this, a computer bag, clothes, all sorts of necessary things, but in small bags. This duffle is quite big, but should hold all of the necessities of life. There is even two levels to pack in.It makes it so much easier to pack if you have a place for everything and everything in it's place, even when it comes to suitcases. I will give this bag a try on our very next trip in June.

It was such a nice change to have sunlight streaming through the windows today! I meant to go out to the grocery store to buy a bulb of garlic, but in fact, I ended up spending the afternoon on the telephone. It makes me think how fortunate we are to have such good long distance plans. We really do live like royalty in these days. Soft beds, warm homes, people realize that we have luxuries that kings and queens of yesteryear couldn't even dream of having? Sometimes, it is good to sit back and count your blessings, and not forget the basics, like jobs, washers, refrigerators and telephone plans!

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