Sunday, April 8, 2012

You wouldn't recognize our house....

everything is everywhere. A total disaster. Hubby has had the flu for the past few days - the days we had planned on putting everything back together again. Humpty Dumpty, I have a brand new respect for your situation. It feels like we will never get ourselves put back together again!

The storage room stuff is in the family room...the laundry room stuff is also in the family room, my clothes are in a jumble in the bedroom, and who know what all that stuff is on the floor in the bedroom. Oh yeah...drawer contents. My plan of attack is this. I am going to sort everything according to kind, in various containers such as shopping boxes and laundry baskets, and what doesn't fit in the designated storage space just has to go. Period.  So, how do you justify three very expensive sets of cosmetic brushes when you only use two brushes that aren't even "the best" ones, but definitely are your favourites? That brings us to the bathroom....all the cosmetics are going in one container to be sorted, and gulp, tossed.

In the process, I am going to rearrange the laundry room work more efficiently, and make the storage areas more accessible.  I dislike having to move things to get things. I want to be able to retrieve anything we own within thirty seconds.  It makes me crazy to go on a hunt for something I just saw the other day, so this is a biggie. I am going to label every shelf and tote. I love my label maker, so a new package of bright white labels and a few hours sitting with it in the storage areas of our house, will give  and dear hubby a clue where to put things, and will give me years of satisfaction.

My goal is to reduce our supplies of EVERYTHING significantly. There is no need to keep a huge supply of laundry products, for example. One on the go, an one in reserve is quite enough.  Could it be that one on the go would be enough? Although, I stand by my habit of buying what we will use for sure in quantity when there is a significant savings to be had. Since it goes on sale a few times a year, it is well worth buying an extra to tide you over to the next sale. (no pun intended!)
And when you think of it? |When each container purports to do 96 loads, how many do you REALLY need? It takes a little time to do 96 loads of wash, and in that time, I think it should go on sale again.  If not , I might consider paying for the luxury of not having too much cluttering up my laundry room.  As for my beloved TP? I am down to only two mega packages. Paper towels, well, it was just on sale before I embarked on this prudent program, and I do have a few too many packages at the moment!  For certain, this system will take awhile to implement, but seeing what we have, will stop us from buying too much of anything in the future.

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