Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yesterday was my "Desk Day". The paperwork required to run a house is nothing short of ridiculous. Gone are the days when we could keep our housekeeping money in the sugar bowl, that is for sure. Every month, it is an intricate dance!  If you buy this can you buy that? If you go here, can you go there? The only consolation is, that it is the same for everyone. Even if you are a millionaire, you have a budget. It is just larger, with bigger numbers! But our little budget is done for April, now I just have to sit back and let the plan unfold as it should. 

Of course, as soon as I net-filed my income tax, another slip showed up in the mail. So, now, I have to wait until the assessment shows up to submit the extra slip. I never seem to get anything DONE these days. I seem to always have those threads left hanging, no matter how hard I try. Ah well. It will give me something to do on Desk Day in June.  As for menu planning? The plan is to eat down our pantry and freezer stores. I am tired of maintaining enough to feed a small army. I would like to go to a weekly shop, which would give us fresher food over all. That leaves laundry and general housekeeping on the books for the rest of the week. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to tackle some horrendous job, like the garage or the hidey hole, just to say we made an effort before taking off to points west next week.

I am looking forward to being out of the house, and letting somebody else cook and clean for me.  The downside to this is getting packed. I have a standard packing list that I use for the "always take" items, and then just vary the clothing choices according to functions etc. that I will be attending. Since this is just a regular business trip for hubby, I only have to pack casual comfy clothes for our suppers out and odd shopping trip. That means just one little suitcase and I am done. Mind you, the weather is so unpredictable these days, that it isn't a bad idea to pack short sleeve tops and snow boots, just to be on the safe side. If it weren't for the allergy activation factor, a person could really learn to love this odd weather!  Trust it? That is another question. 

Reading material is an absolute must on a car trip.  The book has to be long enough to last for the length of the journey (six hours in this case) and light enough to hold in my hand. I took a hardcover book last time, and suffered wrist problems from holding it up in the car to catch the best light!  I am going to be reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, which are nice chubby books that look to have  a bit of time to offer.  I am losing faith in popular books these days. THE  HELP was not a disappointment, but that was an exception to the rule.  Ah well. Onward and upward. Before I can pack, I have to do the laundry. If I start now and do a load every day, start to finish, I will be done by Sunday.  I WISH. The truth is, that if I wash a load today, there will be more to fill the basket by tonight!  For two old people, we certainly can keep those metal maids whirling.

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