Saturday, April 14, 2012


The trip home went well. I had a good book, although I was only able to finish half of it. I was in need of too many naps this trip. We arrived home, unpacked and then went to Swiss Chalet to get a takeout for supper. I confess.  A domestic goddess I am not. The good news is that I am back on track with, and keeping track of calories in vs. calories out. Tracking the nutritional value of the food I eat is just as important to me these days as losing weight.  As much as I would like to have immediate gratification from quick weight loss with a high protein diet, it just makes me crazy to even to think of not having carbs. I really have trouble thinking the humble carrot as my enemy!  

This trip, we stayed at the Spa in Moose Jaw. Unfortunately, I didn't indulge in any treatments since I caught the bug that hubby fought last weekend.  The restaurant, 'Harwood's' , was absolutely wonderful.  The first day, while still able to maintain a vertical  position, I ordered a walnut/cranberry salad that was spectacular. The dressing was a fabulous maple syrup/Dijon concoction. Later that day, I watched a cooking show that featured, you guessed it, a maple dressing. So now I am armed and dangerous. Next shopping trip to Costco will have maple syrup on the list for sure.

The second day, since I was totally unfit to be seen in public, we ordered room service for breakfast. I had an egg, over easy. And it actually arrived at the door, hot, and cooked perfectly. Room service has its drawbacks, but this hotel really has great food services. I am totally impressed  with their attention to detail on even the smallest item. Next time we are out that way, I really want to have dinner in the restaurant. If they can provide  a perfectly prepared salad and a perfectly cooked  egg, just think what they could do with a few ounces of beef!

I haven't even gone to view the mess we left behind in the family room. I think tomorrow will be soon enough for that. We have to pull out the remaining items in the storage room and adjust the chrome shelves to make better use of the space.  There is quite a bit of nothing being stored in fine style, while items that really need a home are languishing on the floor.  Time to do some major purging.

I am totally in love with the arrangement in the laundry room, so it will not be a hardship to put in load after load tomorrow while we chisel away at the mess!  I know how this project works, since we have been down this path so many times. You think you will never get through the piles of stuff, and all of a sudden? You are putting the last few items in place, and have boxes to drag to the donation bins at the mall!  There are definitely things in storage that I have not touched since the last time we did this. It is time to say goodbye to them.  I am already looking ahead to the next big project. The garage. Yes, that pit is going to be cleaned out on the May long weekend, come hell or high water!

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