Saturday, April 7, 2012

Absolute Chaos

Hopefully, it will be a better day tomorrow!  We have made a start on the decluttering far? Not doing well with my closet!  Bedtime arrived, so the batches of clothes were hastily shoved back on the rod to be dealt with in the morning. I am making a bit of headway in the laundry room, though!  Since hubby was busy removing just about everything from the storage area and I was doing the laundry, it only seemed natural to  declutter and sift through the food stores in the pantries.  At least that job is done! 

Around the time Corry Street started, I was done for the day, and ready for the recliner!  Tomorrow is a new day, so we will get moving then. Sunday we will need to recoup and pack up for the journey west.  So, tonight I am going to bed in a muddle, but hopefully it will be all set to rights tomorrow. Anybody need anything? I seem to have one of it in the storage room! 

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