Friday, April 20, 2012

Laundry Room Progress

At least one room is done.  I have already put the new arrangement to the test, and found the configuration much more worker friendly.  There is a table for folding to the left of the hanging tablecloth, an unexpected use of my shelving.  All in all, it is so much easier to wash, dry and fold than it ever was!  I find the rawness of the room rather unsettling, but what can you do. It is what it is.
 What looks like clutter, really isn't!  There is order on them thar shelves!  All of the cleaning supplies are now all together, and I will make an effort to keep my hoarding to a minimum. That being said, it is quite nice knowing that I won't have to buy dishwashing soap for quite a long time!  Since it was being kept in the storage room, in various spots, I had no idea I had over a year's supply.
 No excuse for not ironing. Board, iron and electricity are all available in this corner.
 There is still room for a couple of shelves over the freezer. It looks so tiny in it's new spot! 
 And there is one more little space to fill....

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