Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Saturday morning....

I woke up to find that my means of contact with the outside world had been reduced to the telephone. Internet and television services  were gone. Frustrating? Yes. Lonely? Yes. I quickly discovered just how dependent I am on my computer. So often I look up words in the dictionary, a recipe or something that I am just curious about. Not to mention shopping, banking, and inquiries about parcel delivery dates. When the internet is not available, you really miss a valuable tool. And of course, the burning question...how do you live without email?

The man was in Nova Scotia (lucky beggar!) so I could have spent the time spring cleaning, but naaaah.
Instead? I read the Hunger Games, plus the next two books in the series. Mindless reading, geared for teenagers but nevertheless entertaining. 'Survivor' meets science fiction genre. Heroine beautiful, confused about her "feelings", skilled hunter, good grief. I wanted to reach out shake her, as I do all of those "frail but tempestuous beauties"! I find characters like that to be a tad mind numbing, which was, in all fairness, basically what I needed, since I had a whole weekend on my own to kill. BUT the good news is that I also found the time to finish our taxes - I patted myself on the back for that one! So, there was my exciting weekend.

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