Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I totally crashed yesterday...it was lovely to be in my big comfy chair, and snooze the day away! Nothing done in the house at all, and just basic feeding. Of course, there was an incident with the Dairymilk chocolate bar. It lost. MMMM good. The travel weight is coming off, but what a shocker it is when you step on the scale after two weeks, and find that your labours of the past six months have disappeared. Sigh. At least from all this? I know that I can survive famines without having to adjust my waistbands.

So, here is my menu plan for today:

Breakfast: breakfast "sandwich" - messy, but so good. 2 slices of rye toast, 2 T Cheez Whiz, 2 eggs, 2 slices of precooked Kirkland bacon (80 calories) A bit messy, but soooooooo good! No butter on the toast cuts that little expense to make way for the bacon!

Lunch: Slept in until eleven! Had 'fastlunch' - see above. Snacked at three on three Nice cookies. Gotta love those things. Of course, that took away any motivation to cook supper, so

Supper: 8 T antipasto, 12 crackers...lost interest in cooking at this point. Who knows what will lure me at snack time?

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