Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, this day was another write off! I couldn't go out, so the day went rather quickly...time does that when you drift in and out of naps!

Breakfast: Same old, same old...eggs & toast, coffee & milk, 2 slices of bacon (my goodness this stuff lasts and lasts...still on the original package! When it goes, though, i don't think I will replace it for quite some time!)

Lunch: woops. That maple popcorn will never find its way into our house again. How can I resist the maple sugary, pecan, almond, cashew cranberry goodness? I am only human. Sigh.

Supper: 3 oz chicken, mixed veggies, stuffing - this was stuffing I bought from Costco, and it was horrible. Very salty. It is not like me to not eat stuffing, and I really could not finish this. It goes back tomorrow when hubby takes my car in for snow tires.

Snack: Since I didn't finish my stuffing, there was a nice calorie gap in the diet that two bags of All Dressed chips and a diet pop filled nicely. While clicking through channels mindlessly, I realized that there is nothing good on TV anymore. Do I sound like a cranky old lady?

Another thing I noticed, was that when heated on the stove, in a pot, with water, frozen vegetables seem to come alive. I have been nuking them for years, but I think that from now on, I will do the stove top thing. I wonder why they tasted better?

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