Saturday, November 15, 2008


After an eventful trip home, it sure feels good to be back at the keyboard! For some reason, there was a flock of ducks on the highway, that must have been too cold to judge danger levels. May one little fellow rest in peace...better make that pieces. Good thing we are getting a new car...this one has a problem with the front right hand corner now....ick.

Of course, after being away so long, our first stop was Costco. Then Superstore. I found these darling little red shoes for my granddaughter...just couldn't wait to drop that little tidbit into the dialogue! What a treasure she is, and I miss her already. Everyday she added a little something to her repertoire of charming baby tricks. My favourite was a crooked smile a la Popeye when tickled under the chin. She doesn't have full command of the muscle groups but it just adds to her charm. Who knew that new babies could be so entertaining?

It is tough getting used to the traffic after being spoiled by small town life. It took us forever to fight through crowds at both places, but finally, with necessities in hand we made our way home. It is almost eleven, and I am still not unpacked. Far too much mail to wade through, and too many calls to return to get started earlier.

The best diet related thing I have to report, is that I had eggs and toast for supper at about eight o'clock. It has been a good two weeks since I last had my breakfast standard, and my blood sugars tell the unhappy tale. There is something about eggs in the morning that really agrees with day, I am sure that science will catch up to this good thing, but until then, I will use eggs as my secret weapon to balance my blood sugars! I dread stepping on the scales in the morning, because I am sure that I have gained ten pounds.

Too many meals in restaurants. I just can not handle rich food, even in small measures. I had very limited activity - sitting in hospital waiting rooms doesn't require a lot of calories, so I will have to really rev things up this week to get going again.


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