Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Comes when you sit around waiting to feel good again! Tonight, I made PChoice Mac and Cheese for supper, thinking that since I forgot to eat lunch, I could splurge on the calories. So, I made the macaroni, and served it up with pickled beets. Now, if there is one thing in life that I dearly love, it is pickled beets. But, nibble by nibble, the jar was gone between the two of us. Of course, now it is four in the morning, and I have a tummyache, and I know full well what did it! Ah well. I learned my lesson...until next time!

Other than that? It has been a pretty uneventful day. I wish I had something exciting to report, but this bug has laid me low. I need to get my prescriptions renewed, but I am afraid of going into the doctors office with a weakened immune system. I don't know how doctors stay alive, with the number of germs they are exposed to! I have a feeling this is a tough Thompson germ...I mean really, it would have to be to survive there, wouldn't it? LOL


Breakfast: 2 eggs, toast & butter, milk

Supper: 1.5 cups of mac and cheese, I don't know how many beets...that is my story, and I am sticking to it. One of these days, I will learn how to convert these jars that give ml measurements, and a calorie count for gms. Quite a few, I would say.

Snack: two apples and a bag of cheetos -- so good when eaten together!

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