Monday, November 17, 2008

A brand new week....

and lots to put in it. Hubby left at the crack of dawn this morning, and I won't be seeing hide nor hair of him until Friday, when we have a lunch date at Hy's. I really don't care what I eat there, as long as it fits into the program. I just like the feel of the place. Cozy. Homey. There is something very comforting about being served by waiters in little white jackets, full aprons and a towel over their arm. It just says decadence!

The weekend will be jam packed again, so I need to get all my ducks in a row in the house before all else. It has been over two months since our windows were covered, and it is getting a bit tiresome changing in the bathroom at night! So, after the initial cleaning and laundry is done, I really must break out of my cocoon and find some curtain rods so we don't have to continue living in a fish bowl!

Menu Plan for Today:

Breakfast: two slices of rye toast, one egg, cheez whiz, bacon (120 cals - precooked stuff is great, and not fatty...for bacon, that is!)
Lunch: just finished breakfast at 11:52, so I will count snack at three as lunch.... crackers and antipasto...if I can get the jar open.

Snack: apples

It is so good to be home and to be able to plan out my food for the day, rather than depend on the whims of someone else...the daily soup and special at a restaurant! I don't have any idea why they feel obliged to put extra fat into doesn't even taste good. But they do it. And then, to balance it out? They give you twice as much as you need to eat...maybe three times as much. As a society, it is just one more time when excess becomes the norm.
Maybe the latest financial plummet will change people's attitudes to a more frugal mindset? I would love to go to a restaurant and get just enough food, rather than piles of the calorie laden stuff!
There is my rant for the day!

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