Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back in the saddle again...

after a weekend of indescretions, I am going to try to behave myself in the kitchen at least. Shopping is not one of my favourite things as it is, and I have spent every available minute all weekend going from store to store, buying and returning. The poodly pillows went back, as in the light of day, they lost thier charm...and the fact that the wool got up my nose when I tried them out for "nap ablility". If nothing else, I am practical! Just like food, it is better not to have anything than the wrong thing!

Breakfast: eggs, toast half a glass of milk...we ran out, I am not cutting back!

Lunch: Cucumber sandwich & diet pop

Supper: Turkey breast (real turkey sliced and packaged from Costco) potatos, peas and carrots.

Snack: oranges & pretzels

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