Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, ever have one of those weeks?

Major computer problems. And, as dear hubby says, it isn't a problem if you throw money at it and it goes away. My only question after this week of technical failures? WHEN is this going to end???

I haven't been able to keep track of my food intake, but hopefully, by eating what I always eat, in the amounts I always eat it, did some good. I finally got online...after buying a new computer, and wifi gizmo. But the good news is? This machine is loaded for bear, and is half the cost of my old one. Seems to work okay, and the only gripe I have with Vista is that you can't run outdated programs! So I have to look for a new money management program, as well as set up all the lovely little icons on my desktop. I am into the fun part now, having dealt with all the call centers in various parts of the third world. Now one thing is for sure. When you buy a computer at Costco? They double the warranty. So two years. And? You have niney days to decide if you like the machine or not. I think that is pretty fair. And face it, after you go through all the loading and configuring? HOW many of us would take one back? But sure beats Future Shops "Buy it don't like it too bad" policy!

So that has been my life in the fast lane this week. Hopefully I will be back on track....oh, and hubby wanted a new camera "as long as we were there". Sigh. It will be awhile before I figure this one out!

Hope you all have been keeping well and happy, and out of the cookie jar. I have been "batching" for two weeks, and I must say my menus are nutritional but very uninspired. I eat to live when I am on my own...if I remember to do it at all! Seems to me, that my body is starving from eight till three, and then I could care less about eating. Body rhythms or something kicking in. But, put me in front of a TV? All of a sudden the face wants popcorn, or anything salty or sweet. Then, a nice lapse into a coma while hubby controls the channels. Ah, the good life. I wonder when we will be able to sit still long enough to do that again? The house is an all consuming project. We put up our living room blinds on Friday, so I can now wander the house in my nightie, as long as I remember to shut them - however, the bedroom is still a fishbowl, and will be until I decide what on earth to do with the windows. Time. It all takes time. I wish it took as many calories!

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