Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy day...

I was out until two today, then a quick "pit stop" and to the grocery store. I looked at the items I purchased as they were rolling to the cashier, and I thought, my. Old people's food! I had some whole grain crackers, cheddar cheese, Philly light herb & garlic, fish portions, two kinds of jam and sour cream. It wasn't the items, per se, it was the sizes. Gone are the days when I prepared veggies and dip for a teenager. Now we dole out sour cream as if it were gold. I buy the full fat kind. A whopping 15 calories more per tablespoon, but the flavour is there. No point straining out the gnat when there is an elephant in the room! We need to feed ourselves delicious food, just not too much of it. This weekend, I am planning on making baked potatoes, therefore the sour cream was a necessity. I like steamed broccoli and cottage cheese with my potatoes as well. Come to think of it? I can't think of a potato prepared in a way I don't like! I love those crispy nests of shredded potatoes that you get in fancy restaurants, with a miniscule piece of prime beef delicately placed in the center. And I like a big spoonful of scalloped potatoes with a bit of ham on a comfortable stay at home Sunday. How can you tell I am getting a little tired of eating by myself?

Breakfast: eggs & toast, milk
Snack: Phyllo quiches...four of the little beggars. I know they came from Costco, so I will check the exact calorie count next shopping day. Tasty little appetizers!
Lunch: peanut butter and banana on whole wheat
Snack: Philly and cucumber sandwich
Supper: fish & 14 oven chips, coleslaw made with an apple
Snack: antipasto and whole wheat crackers

I was hungry today!

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