Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday morning....

began with my usual 12:26. New computers can be all consuming, and I have a tendency to eat,sleep and breath it all in until I feel comfortable with the gizmos and gadgets associated with my new toy...errr, tool.

So, there began my morning. I followed it up with lunch at 12:28, which was two pieces of toast with cheese whiz. This afternoon is an outing with the "girls" to the movies...Mama Mia. Looking forward to it, but will sneak in something allowable for a snack. Can anyone digest the theatre popcorn??? Love it, but not worth the burning sensation for hours afterwards!

The plans for this week are simple. Clean the house. Get to the meetings. Make a list of things to get done when Rick is actually in town. We are planning to go to the US for a couple of days week after next so I can pick up the finishing touches for the house. A bundle is spent on gas and expenses, but I enjoy the choices we have down there. It is bizarre that we live in a city, and travel two hours to shop in a relatively small community. But that is how it goes.

Other than that? I am maintaining my weight, even with not being able to track the calories. We are also financially solvent, without tracking every penny. Hmmmm. Perhaps life could be simplified? Note to self. Drop some of the compulsive record keeping.

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