Friday, October 24, 2008

Did you ever have one of those days....

shopping days that is. We hit the stores at one this afternoon, and came home at nine. I managed to find two pillows for the living room (poodley white ones, that took me right back to '71), white flower things that are really quite inventive. First, you put a large headed nail into the wall where you would like the "blossom". Then, the flower attaches magnetically. This will come in handy when it is time to clean twenty-five of these creations. I will just pop them off, and stick them in the sink! I really don't like ornaments and things because they are dust collectors, but dodads for the wall? How could I resist? Hubby assures me that I am simply regressing. Our house is evolving into what we would have loved to be able to afford when it was in style the first time!

I believe you should update hair and lipstick shades frequently. Nothing dates a woman more than wearing the makeup she wore in high school. But what does decorating like a hundred dollar hippy say about a person? Frankly. I don't care. Peace baby.

Breakfast: eggs, toast, milk.

Lunch: Evil Micky D's strikes again. Oh my. In my defense, I did burn off calories shopping in the huge furniture stores. Walked my legs to stumps today. Add the calories spent fuming out of frustration - they must count for something!

Supper: oriental salad, shrimp with seafood sauce (equal parts of horseradish and ketchup) toast & tea for dessert - okay, now I KNOW I am getting old!

Snacks: do you really think a person who packs away a Big Mac & fries deserves them?

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