Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thought I had better post a bit...

since I have been distracted with a lot of things lately! So, here I am.

Last night, we went on a riverboat cruise down the Red, and it was really quite lovely. The leaves are turning, and the sun just made them glow. The problem was supper. Keeping me waiting till seven was not a good idea, even if we were given complimentary champagne. In my experience, free champagne is usually worth what you pay for it, and this was no exception. One sip has how many calories?

The only munchies offered were tacos and salsa, which are a deal breaker for me, so I passed on those. When supper finally showed up? It was not too bad. Caesar salad, glazed chicken, potato wedges, broccoli and carrot mix and a wild rice casserole. Of course the mandatory goey dinner roll! The problem came in the form of a lovely vanilla cake with that greasy "store-bought" frosting. Why do I love that stuff? Likely because it isn't as sweet as homemade. It is a "forbidden fruit" and as such, has an extra appeal. I enjoyed every bite!

I live to fight another day.

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