Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 9????

My goodness. I have been remiss. Busy, but remiss!

As a reward for good behaviour, I bought a few new trinkets for myself, to jazz up my very limited clothing purchases this year. After throwing away a ton of clothing, I just do not have the urge to fill the available closet space with seldom used items. Has anyone checked out Avon lately? They seem to do wonders with the mundane. For example, I ordered this nifty tweezers that is light years ahead of the pricey one I was using. ( a blind woman going after a chin hair with an ineffective tweezers is not pretty, or painless) Another thing, is the lipsticks. The two I purchased are phenomenal. One is a lip gloss, and one is the one handed wonder Reese Witherspoon flogs on TV. Well, my goodness. Be darned if it isn't just the slickest thing, and a good lipstick, too! And all available at the touch of a mouse. After scouring the malls for a reasonably priced necklace, I bought about four of them for the price of one! The quality is very nice...and since I am the queen of buy and return? I will say only that I wouldn't dream of returning a single one. Great junk jewellery. Much nicer than I have been able to find at the Mall in my neighbourhood, at least.

I bought a new grey dress, and liked it so much, that I have ordered the same one in black. Thank goodness I did the majority of "try buying" before the dollar sank to the low it is at now! I actually didn't loose much, as the returns were credited at a higher amount than the purchases. Since I had to pay postage, it still wasn't even, but still a lot better than usual. I am really into being nice to myself these days. (I am spending the weeks alone, as hubby is off in the wilds of Alberta training people to do something or the other. Beats me what, and you know? It doesn't seem to matter much! He is home on the weekends, though so that works well. It is so much easier to stick to the program when he isn't around whining for food!)

We still have two walls in the kitchen and the trim to paint, but the good news is? The blinds arrived today. So this weekend, we will actually have a little privacy in our living room, rather than the fish bowl effect I have grown accustomed to! In the meantime, I am reorganizing the lateral file drawers, and purging as much as I can. Hubby will be so pleased to see that I am a reformed filer, and actually will be putting things in alphabetical order, not in places that only I understand!

On the topic of menus, I must admit that being on my own so much, leaves me rather limited by my own laziness. Today, I heated up a Dr. Oeteker Spinach Pizza (880 calories for the whole thing) for lunch, and will eat the other half for supper. A very tasty day's worth of food for 880 calories in all! I bought some gorgeous oranges, and will eat them with pretzels tonight as a snack before bed.

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk
Snack: coffee
Lunch: pizza
Supper: pizza
Snack: Pretzels and oranges

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