Friday, April 22, 2011

Home but hiding.....

I just need to get my bearings here for a minute or two! We have been away from home far too long it seems. Today was rare, and absolutely lovely. Since it was a holiday, and we didn't arrive home until well after nine last night, we decided to sleep in. And what a perfect sleep-in it was! The rest of the day, I spent in the kitchen and horror of horrors, in front of the demon TELEVISION. I managed to find space to store the new pieces that arrived for my china. Not as hard as I thought it would be, since the pieces were duplicates (cream/sugar, ramekins, baker and pudding bowl,serving platter and vegetable bowl) that nicely tucked in along with their predecessors on the shelves. Our supper was baked chicken and rice with peas, which was, of course, presented on the new platter. The one sure way to get me interested in the kitchen is to give me a few new dishes or a new gadget!

It is so good to be home. The peace and quiet, the smell of a freshly bleached sink...could life get any better? LOL

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