Monday, April 25, 2011


I am beginning to question the value of electronics in my life. A little while ago, I got the dreaded blue screen of death from my PC. Tonight, as we were watching the tail end of Big Bang, the sound system gave out. So, after scouring the manual, we just unplugged the system and will pack it up tomorrow to send back to the company. Life was so much simpler when all you did at night was a bit of handwork or read, or remember the televisions that you had to actually get off your chair to change the channel? Of course, you didn't flip back and forth then, since there were only two available channels, and you could memorize the programing not to mention coordinate your social life and personal grooming by the theme songs. Every time I hear the theme song from Bonanza, I can smell Halo shampoo and feel the prickly rollers on my scalp. Right after Ed Sullivan, it was my turn to have my mother tightly wind those beggars into my hair to get some curl into it for the coming week. And yes. I did say week. For some reason? We just didn't get dirty hair back then, even if we only shampooed once a week. I never really agreed with calling them "the good old days" because frankly they weren't that good. People died from what is easily cured now.It took forever to get a letter from my pen pal in Japan. Women aged a lot sooner because Pond's cold cream and Dubarry lotion just didn't have what it takes to stave off the wrinkles. But? You didn't have the frustrations with things that you do now. Life was a bit slower, and a lot kinder. And when the TV didn't work? You kicked it and called a repairman!

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