Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ahhh the breakfast of champions....

or should that be 'made by champions'? This morning, my dear husband made us our breakfast in our room, so I didn't have to stray far from my bed to seek nourishment! He is amazing at cooking in small spaces, which will prove very handy should Great Aund Aida die and leave us her boat! Till then, the man is formidable with an electric skillet and a twentyfour inch countertop! Breakfast was orange juice, two eggs, and two pieces of GF toast with butter. Followed by a snack of Bujah (GF party mix, basically, with an Indian flair - spicey but nicey) and a banana. Lunch will be much later in the afternoon, so best to calorie load at the bottom end of my day! Life is good at the Holiday Inn Express! It really is. The staff here is phenomenal, and the rooms are clean and simple, with all the necessities you need for a home away from home. In fact, it really does feel like home here, since we seem to be here for at least ten days out of every two months. Love the rewards program, too! Anyway, here we are, well fed and ready to read. I am on my second book since leaving home!

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