Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At long last, I now have the ability to print from my laptop....

The PC is packed up in a box waiting for my son the genius to fix it, or declare it dead. The sound system is packed up and waiting for the UPS guy to come for it in the morning, compliments of the Samsung people. I absolutely hate it when mechanical things go wrong, and it seems so futile to even try fixing anything these days. Buying a new ' whatever' is usually cheaper and a lot less stressful than dealing with electronic carcasses. Ah well. So goes life. For those of you who like E.L.F. cosmetics, they have a sale on right now - 50% OFF their Studio and Mineral lines. This company makes fabulous cosmetics, and the regular price sets your eyeballs popping, let alone when they are giving you 50% off! If I hadn't tried this stuff, I would never believe you could buy mineral powder for three dollars, or a great mascara for the same! The shipping to Canada, of course, is 14.95, but I find it well worth my while to order. When you think that I spent thirty dollars for a compact that I now get for three? I look at everything else I receive as a bonus! I could go on and on about the product line, but suffice it to say, I am well pleased with the product, and find the quality to be equal to or better than what I have tried from companies that like to shift the decimal point on their prices to the far right!

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