Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Sunday

And it is just about over! Spent the day at the assembly, and the information was fabulously presented. We went to our local Chinese food place and enjoyed an excellent dinner with a good friend, lingering over our jasmine tea until we were able to roll ourselves out of the booth! MY oh my how I love Chinese food! Hot, spicy beef...mmmm good! We had hot and sour soup, curried chicken fried rice, almond chicken and Schezuan beef. Oh my goodness! What a lovely meal.

We are leaving a day early, so there will be little time to do laundry. Thought we weren't leaving until Wednesday, but nope. Off we go a the crack of dawn on Tuesday. I have lost all of my packing lists so I will have to either have to create a new set, or horror of horrors? Toss things in a bag and hope for the best! Think I had better go for the list making! It is so much easier putting it down on paper and getting the clutter out of my mind. I am beginning to see the value in going back to an old-fashioned method of keeping track of things. There have been one too many computer crashes in my life.

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