Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That is the way it is....

Some mornings are worth waking up to! I found that I have shed the weight gain from last week, and bonus! Lost a pound. Why a grown woman makes such a fuss over a few numbers on the scale, is beyond me, but that is the way it is! That phrase covers so many of life's mysteries, doesn't it?

Yesterday, I managed to tackle the tons of wash that were waiting for me. With the super sized washer and dryer, it goes a lot faster than it used to, too! We are getting ready for a visit from the kids on Friday, so there are all sorts of little projects on the go around here.

I can officially tell the world that I am going to be a grandmother in November, so the comfort of the mother to be is of prime importance. As if I didn't adore the girl enough already, this just added more icing to the cake! I have been fighting the urge to shop for a "generic" baby. I want to fully enjoy the little boy or little girl experience, so I am leaving all the shopping for the baby's arrival. When we were on our shopping trip last week, it was so hard to pass by the little tiny people items! There is an overpowering urge to get everything in order before the little one's arrival. Time to declutter and get things spic and span, so I can spend the rest of my life doing important things like baking cookies, and reading stories! Life won't ever be the same again, will it?

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Anonymous said...

wooo hooooo!

i bet you and rick are just peein yourselves! congratz! you done real good keeping that a secret...i dunno if i could have lasted this long!

glenda looks beautiful and i'm looking forward to seeing her grow...nothing more beautiful than a woman in love and having a baby!

congratz again!