Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keeping my nose to the grindstone...

makes for less time posting! But today, I am taking it easy. I have a pot of beef & barley soup on the stove for our supper, and have a little time as it simmers until I need to ring the dinner bell! I am trying to make up for the oh so decadent week I have had gastronomically.

On Wednesday, I went to a dinner meeting at De Luca's Cooking school. We were treated to a lesson as well as our five course dinner. Need I say it was enjoyable? I came away with a new twist on Italian Penne that will knock your socks off. It sure did mine - right off the wagon....oh, my. If you ever want to make an Alfredo pasta, this was the sauce to end all sauces. It involved butter, whipping cream and little else - what isn't to love? The whole secret to the sauce, is NOT putting the Parmesan directly into the sauce, but sprinkling it generously on the pasta in the serving dish. What a difference this made to the end product. The other dish demonstrated was a simple tomato based sauce that was a lot more calorie friendly. Of course, that isn't the one I loved. There was a visible gasp from the aging crowd as the cook tossed in literal handfuls of salt to cook the pasta. We were all waiting for the Cardiac fairy to spirit someone away as we sat enthralled, watching the recipe come to life before us. I could not bring myself to use these ingredients so cavalierly, but when you have all of your days points saved for one meal, and need a small taste of the rich life? This is the technique for you! A meal of white flour pasta, butter and cream? Not WW friendly????? Who knew? Sometimes life is best experienced off the well travelled path, so when the scales did not show a loss for me this week? It came as no surprise. Did I mention the lemon cream cannoli that was served for dessert?

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