Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday...another chow down day...

and all but three of my Flex points are gone for the week! OH MY GOODNESS! It is perfect timing for dear hubby to have a couple of days out of town, so I can get myself back on track. It is far too easy to fall out of step when you have someone around that enjoys food soooooooo much! The other night, I made Pad Thai, and it was amazing. Even better as leftovers! I am going to put that on our menu regularly from now on as it was soooo good. Basically, it is rice noodles, with shrimp, bean sprouts, and a quick mix sauce over all. I added a couple of green peppers sliced thinly, for a little colour. When you plate the dish, you sprinkle a few peanuts over the top, with some red chili flakes and a lime cut into sections.

So, here is the horror story that was my menu today:

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, skim milk - doing okay so far...

Lunch: two cups of cherries, two grilled cheese sandwiches made with slices and Oat Hull bread(here is where it all started to go very wrong!) 70gms of Sun Chips

Supper: 2 oat hull toast & butter, two shrimps from Rick's leftover Pad Thai with a 'fork swirl' of noodles

Snack: five Werther's hard candies.

Sigh. Tomorrow is another day.

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