Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, I finally hit the scale.... I can see where the little indulgences have really hit me! I added every morsel up, and I was 35 points OVER for the week. Remembering that it was a vacation week, and I was at the mercy of our salty friends south of the border, it still doesn't seem fair that the scale should rise five pounds for 35 points over. FIVE pounds? That is 1750 extra calories...but five pounds???? PLEASE let it be water weight!

Anyway, I am back into my home routine, which is so much safer. Unlike my dear husband, I eat to live, not live to eat! I enjoy flavours and textures as much as the next person, but always worrying what is going to "stick" around forever sort of ruins any gastronomic experience, if you ask me. The funny thing is that I have been really, really active for the past week - on my feet constantly. Where is the plus for that one folks? I really hope that this poundage will melt away next week. But, onward and upward. Today is another day. SIGH

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