Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Night

And all is well...very well! We have been thoroughly enjoying our visit with the parents-to-be. My darling daughter-in-law is sporting a tiny "pooch", that we are drawn to like a campfire. We all talk to "Re-Pete" with shameless bids for favoured Grandparent status. I treated it to a rousing rendition of "Good Morning to YOU" that brought morning smiles to my son's face as a child, and a little less enthusiasm when he was a sleep deprived teen! There is something about wearing my new dress with shiny patent shoes that made me feel like a kid again. How is it possible that I will soon be a grandmother? WHERE did the time go? Never mind. I remember all to well where it went! It is very difficult not to wish the time to hurry between now and November, but in reality? My wish is for all the days left, to be as long as possible so I can savour every moment of anticipation!

It is creeping up to one year that I have been on Weight Watchers, and although I have been strictly adhering to the program, the weight loss is hovering around 22 pounds or so. Hardly earth shattering in comparison to some of the stories I read. Sometimes I wish that I had eaten horrendous food in horrendous amounts, so there would be a dramatic change when I stopped! No such luck. Slow and steady is the way I seem to be going. So it looks like 104 weeks won't be nearly enough time. On the bright side, I am determined to stick with the program because there has been a loss of 22 pounds. That is better than the year before, and I have eaten so much more over this past year. Just doesn't seem right, does it? LOL

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