Monday, July 2, 2012

While I am on a roll -

I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of household chores, so when the ladies come in, I will know what has, and has not been done from visit to vist. It will take me working every day for two weeks in between visits just to do the things that need my personal touch, and let them get on with the things I can not do! Many hands make light work, but it also could get confusing if I don't keep track of whose hands did what! And by publishing them here? I won't lose them in the next crash...and you KNOW there will always be a computer crash waiting to happen!
So here we go:


Self Clean oven, then wipe clean interior and racks
Clean behind stove, wall and floor
Stove exterior, stove top, knobs
Behind Refrigerator, underneath coils (vacuum)
Refrigerator wipe out inside, clean shelves, baskets and bins
Freezer, clean shelves, walls and basket
clean micro, inside, outside, shelf
Small appliances, cannisters, utensil rack and holder
Clean tops of cabinets and replace waxed paper
Clean cupboard faces
Clean Pantry
Clean cupboard interiors
Cupboard drawers, clean and straighten
Under sink trash, big can
Dishwasher front
patio door track
vent hood, filter
light fixtures
Dust and straighten wire shelving
Clean china cupboard and contents
Wash baseboards
Wash floors, change scatter mat

Living/Dining Room/Front Entrance

Clean front & garage door thresholds
Clean front & garage doors inside and out
Clean mailbox, lighting fixtures
Straighten front hall closet, clean floor of closet
Clean mirrored doors

Remove and wash living room curtains
dust blinds, window sills
Wipe clean leather furniture
Dust lamps, shades
Polish coffee table and stereo table
Clean glass in Buffet shelves, straighten china cupboard drawers and lower shelves
Polish chairs and buffet
Vacuum - moving furniture out

Bathrooms (3)

Wash area rugs Wash shower liners
Wash shower curtains
Clean trash cans, toilet brushes, plunger
straighten drawers and cabinets
Towels/ storage
clean medicine boxes in hall closet
throw away all expired and unused items
clean shower, tub, toilet, sink
scrub, finish floor

Master Bedroom/Guest Room/My Office . 

Wash curtains, mattress pads and dust ruffles.
Clean register covers
Clean minis, window sill
Replace curtains register vents.
Tidy drawers
Polish furniture
Dust all surfaces of furniture with Pledge
Clean all items on furniture: lamps, alarm clock, mirror, jewellery boxes.
Lighting fixtures
Dust baseboards
Remake beds, turning mattress
Vacuum rooms thoroughly 

Family Room /Laundry /Storage Room/ Rick’s Office

Clean Venetian blinds, window ledges (office and family room)
Vacuum furniture
Wipe down leather chairs and desk
Vacuum all floors

         Laundry and Storage

Empty Central vac bag, change furnace filter
Wipe down appliances, folding table
Neaten pantry items
Neaten cleaning items, clean open shelves
Vacuum floors
Wash tiles

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