Sunday, July 29, 2012

New day dawning, but I won't see it because we now have blackout curtains!

We finally found some curtains for our bedroom  that will block the light. Hmmmm....after sixteen years, it is about time! The neighbours have a habit of turning their lights on in the middle of the night, and the light bounces from the window to the mirrored closet doors, to the mirror over the dresser, back to the closet doors...the result is a light show that would rouse the dead.

So tonight is the night we enjoy blissful darkness until our body tells us it is time to wake up not quite so early in the morning!  I am very pleased with the colour, as they were a complete impulse buy. They just reached out and said "HEY!!! I will match your toss cushions!" as I walked by. And they they did. A lovely pea green that matches the stripe in the cushions PERFECTLY!  I was debating whether to buy them or not and the man gave me a gentle nudge, and for once I listened. So, I guess the moral of my story is, polyester curtains may be a lot of things, but when they talk to you? Listen for they do not lie!

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