Monday, July 2, 2012

I am getting there...

The planning is done...all I have to do now, is actually get up and do it!

Menu for this coming week:

Wednesday 4

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
Greek Salad

Thursday 5

Spaghetti & Corn Pasta

Friday 6

Haddock & Potatoes

Higgelty Piggelty  Cream Sauce


Saturday 7


& Caesar Salad

Sunday 8


Monday 9


Fruit and cottage Cheese


*make squares for kid’s visit

Oatmeal peanut butter bars, Date Squares

Tuesday 10

Frig Gleanings

Salads to prepare for kid’s visit:

Sauerkraut, Julia’s Rice Salad, Bean Salad, Cole Slaw


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