Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How wonderful the house feels!

And all it took was me, and two pairs of extra hands for two hours!  I actually went grocery shopping while they were here and bought fresh flowers for the house. What luxury!  My lists were well received by the ladies, and we are on the same page, literally!  We seem to be hitting it off just fine.

By the way, the flowers at Safeway were so nice this morning that I bought three bunches.  I asked the clerk which ones were the most likely to last the longest, and took her advice. She also told me to change the water every two days, using a quarter of one of those little floral fresh packets.  Done deal. I want to keep them happy for as long as I can. The flowers, plus one of my "saved for good" candles that I just lit, are  making the house look and smell fabulous!  In fact? I think it makes  the house so pretty that it doesn't seem right to mess it up doing mundane things like eating lunch. I think I will just bask in the glow of a house that is actually dusted from one end to the other!

As for the rest of the afternoon? I just may go do a little shopping at the dollar store!

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