Saturday, July 28, 2012

If I could save time in a bottle...

maybe I wouldn't spill so much of it!  Where has the month gone?

While we were away, we were privileged to be guests at a lovely family outdoor dinner. The appetizer was absolutely wonderful, as was the whole meal, but the appetizer really was a star. In fact, it made a really good supper for me as soon as we came home yesterday!

Toast baguette slices as you would for bruschetta - drizzle with EVOO.  Dice avocado, drizzle and sprinkle  with lime juice, chili flakes and coarse salt. Place on toasted slices, and serve with more chili flakes, salt and oil to dress as desired. FABULOUS, easy, and oh so tasty on a hot summer's night.  Thanks to Sandee for being a gracious hostess and one of the best cooks I know.  Ah, the panacotta, the panacotta!  Soooo good!

While away, I found a new travelling dress. (on sale!) To test it,  I scrunched it up in my suitcase to fill in small space at the edge for the trip home.  Not carefully folded by any stretch of the imagination. When we arrived home, I pulled it out, and wore it immediately to go out for the evening to a lounge to listen to our friend's jazz band! Comfy, bright and cool. Dressed up or dressed down with flip flops, this will be a great item for travelling, summer or winter - easily be worn with a black jacket for warmth.  I also found an Indian cotton blouse, but the jury is out on that one... so far, I haven't found something to go with it other than my jeans and my white Capri's. Although initially, I had thought it would be a match to a turquoise skirt I have malingering in the closet, but it wasn't a good pairing at all.  Seems to be my way of doing things. Buy separates that will be just that for their lifetime...separate from every other article of clothing I own!  Ah well. Moving on...

Tomorrow will be a quiet day. My plan is to make plans for the following month. Menu plans. Cleaning plans.  Holiday plans. Travel plans.   The kids will be down for a visit mid month, and I am really looking forward to more time with them -  a fun thing at the top of the list is a shopping to refill the goody basket in the closet for our dear baby girl's visit!  She is absolutely precious about the stash she finds when she visits. She has been taught not to 'ask', but the first thing we do after our big hugs is explore Gramma's closet! She takes one gift a day, and is quite content to wait to open the others. She must have her mother's self control, because I know for a fact, I still could not be that patient if I saw those presents waiting for me!  It takes so little to make her happy...a story book, a sticker book, balloons, bubbles - that sort of thing. And of course, the little girly clothes are not to be resisted. She is growing up so fast...either that, or  I am growing old too fast. Either way, time is precious, and I do wish I could save it in a bottle!

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