Thursday, July 1, 2010


is an 'addiction'. A 'necessary evil'. A 'not so guilty' pleasure! I now understand why my mother turned into a clothes horse in her old age! There is something very satisfying in knowing that you have several options for every eventuality in your life! It seems to me, that clothing prices are very low compared to the other costs in life. The availability of clothing in specialty sizes is better now than it ever was, so there is no excuse to hang onto anything that makes you feel less than absolutely fabulous. I must resist the urge to buy "one in every colour", though. So many times, I have found myself purchasing multiples only to find that I constantly wear the "black one" or the "red one". As we get older, we know ourselves better. Since I will be sixty on the eleventh of this month, I guess I am finally cluing into these things!

Breakfast: two egg omelet, Gouda cheese, mushrooms, chopped tomato, glass of milk

Lunch: leftover mashed potatoes, kernel corn, bison patty

Supper: Cabbage rolls - These may be the best I have ever made!(do I say that every time?) Ground bison, one cup of brown basmati rice (cooked), three stalks of celery and half a large onion. I used Safeway brand tomato sauce, with an added a can of the water I used to wilt the cabbage. I also added hot sauce, soy sauce, 1 1/2t of chopped garlic, 1 T of sugar and 1 T of vinegar. Very good indeed! I used my Nicer Dicer to chop the veggies rather than the food processor, and I am wondering if the larger chunks of vegetables make the difference. At any rate, they are delish, and very low point, I may add!

Snack: Big Turk

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