Friday, July 2, 2010


Breakfast: 2 egg omelet, 1.5 oz Gouda, 2 large mushrooms, two strips of bacon, glass of skim milk, 1 diced tomato with a drop of oil, salt & pepper.

Lunch: two cabbage rolls. These things are one point each! Can't beat that! Using brown rice upped the flavour on these puppies, as did the bison and finely diced celery and onion.

Supper: FOUR ears of corn - yes, I did.

Snack: bought these great potato chips from Costco...called baked loaded or something. Very good indeed. They actually taste homemade! Very tasty.

I recently switched from Extra Large Eggs to Large, mainly to make it easier to store them in the refrigerator. I really haven't noticed much of a difference in portion size, although the eggs are considerably smaller. I don't turn over the last few bites to hubby anymore, so I guess there is a three bite difference! Often, I find myself using him as a human garbage disposal. I just run out of steam before all the food is finished on my plate. I don't bother reducing the points though, because I am sure the odd thing slips by me, or I am off on my point estimation. I mean really, are samples a point a piece at Costco? (Or, as I fondly refer to it, 'dinner out' with Hubby!)

This has turned into a shopping blog as much as a food blog, and I certainly have been doing my share of shopping these days. I think it boils down to the fact, that when you can actually have nice new clothes to wear, you are more inclined to watch the calories a little closer. You take your good feelings from the mirror, rather than the refrigerator. The worst thing I have ever done in my life, was to completely ignore myself when it came to buying clothes. It was always so much more fun to buy for the kid, or the man. After all, they were my eye candy! I couldn't see myself! As a result, the pounds crept on just like they are melting off...slowly but surely.

Every time I talk to my dear daughter-in-law, I remind her to go shopping frequently. Forget about buying a new tshirt, or something else that you need! The dinner is soon gone, but you get so much more mileage out of a pretty dress! I think it makes you a better person all the way around to dress well....just like I think you get bogged down emotionally when your clothing drags you down, or back to the past. There should be a rule that prohibits anyone from wearing something more than a couple of years old. If shoulder pads come back, they will not come back Dallas style. And pink spandex was never a good idea for cellulite sporters!

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