Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday on Wednesday

Yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: cubed potatoes fried (YES FRIED. I am on a slippery slope) with gouda cheese, onion & mushroom omelet, skim milk - Mexican watermelon for "dessert" - isn't that what those little ones are called?

Lunch: chip and dip...will that bag never be finished? There is still so much left, and so little won't power.

Supper:steak, simple lettuce salad using Artisan baby lettuce and lemon poppy seed dressing
Snack: cornflakes, skim milk with Splenda

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: two slices of crispy bacon, two eggs, fourteen McCain low fat french fries, glass of skim milk, coffee

Lunch: too hot, too full. There is a little watermelon left for a snack before I go to the hairdresser.

Snack: quacamole & taco chips

Supper: Gluten free pizza, side salad, Fresca

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