Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Pork chop, gravy, french fries (low fat oven fries, of course) and peas. Very pleased with the way the gravy turned out today. A tablespoon of butter, with a tablespoon of gluten free flour, lots of water, and voila! A clean pan AND nice gravy! For once I did not overcook the pork chops, and they were as tender as tender can be. I browned them in a skillet, then popped them into the oven until the internal temp read 155ยบ F. MMMMM good!

Lunch: home made guacamole and taco chips, strawberries and 1/2 cup ice cream

Breakfast: omelet, Gouda cheese, mushrooms with a diced tomato and a glass of skim milk. I don't know what we will do for breakfast tomorrow...we ate the last tomatoes today! I think it is time to start in on the bag of red peppers I bought. I am sure that would be a good addition either in or beside our breakfast omelet! At the moment I am thinking of tossing them in a bit of oil, and putting them into a hot oven to roast while I take my morning shower...hmmmm that may work....

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