Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A moment on the lips....

And a picture on my blog! Now you can see how I breakfast like royalty, lunch like a merchant and dine like a peasant!

I thought for something different today, I would do a show and tell. Here is breakfast -
Basic Cheese Omelet, a whole diced tomato dressed with a dab of olive oil
441 calories 35 fat 8.9 carbs 24.2 protein

Skim Milk
83 calories
0.2 fat
12.2 carbs
8.3 protein

Coffee is always the same. 1.5 tsp of coffee whitener and a Sugar Twin.

Next, comes lunch. Schar GF table crackers, spread with Laughing Cow wedges, lightly sprinkled with onion powder, topped with cucumber slices, washed down with a V8! MMM good!
373 Calories
15 fat
36 carbs
10 protein

And for the grand finale?
Chicken breast with scalloped potatoes and onions, roasted carrots and water.
479 calories
24 fat
44 carbs

Major woops here. I counted the whole dish of scalloped potatoes as my serving. I thought the totals were a tad high!

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