Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whoo hoo!

Here we go! Since the first thing on the holiday agenda was to make some major decisions about household purchases, we bought new family room furniture today! It may seem like a lot of impulse shopping, but (whisper) we have been planning this for a good 12 years...we are just slow starters! LOL Finding the family room furniture so quickly was such a nice surprise....I thought it would take a week to find something, but walked into the store this morning and there it was, waiting for us! The pieces all have slouchy, removable cotton covers, and it is no surprise, that the style is called "Beachside". It is a large, well padded (seems to be a theme in this house, from people to furniture) and cotton! I stretched out on the couch in the store, and ooooooo it was comfy! So, now all we have to do, is something with the kitchen, and get all of the painting done. Oh, and a blanket box for the end of our bed. Tomorrow, before the delivery comes I have the opportunity to earn all sorts of activity points, hauling furniture upstairs and into the garage until it is picked up and taken away. Thirty-five years of marriage does seem to be the same as a fire, doesn't it?

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