Sunday, July 27, 2008

So, first day of holidays...

and what do we do? SHOP! We went looking for a gizmo to hold my hair dryer, and ended up buying carpeting for the house. Finally, this old carpet will be gone. Our house is about 12.5 years old - we bought it when it was 6months old, and our first reaction was "this carpet has to go". Well, it finally will be making it's exit! We have been tossing around different flooring ideas, but really, when a house is designed for one kind of floor covering, it is difficult to change...unless you have a boat load of money, anyway! The cost of doing stairs and a special curve just blew my mind...the cost for these custom touches equaled the cost of doing the "straight runs" of the house! So, carpeting it is. We chose , a 50 oz short nylon plush, in a nice soft taupe. Of course, I was drawn to the funky shag carpeting, but alas, it is too trendy. That stuff will exit as it did in the 70's. Besides, it doesn't look good on stairs. Now, what has this got to do with Weight Watchers you may ask? Lots. We were out all day, and I must admit, that for the first time I didn't record my intake. I am going to do that now, though. I am curious to see how my "internal" points tracker worked! I will let you know, good or bad tomorrow!

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