Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

I put a long, deep scratch into my car today. I am still just sick about it. However, I keep hearing hubby's words in my ear...."if you can throw money at it and it goes away, it isn't a problem". Of course, he makes the money and then relinquishes all budgeting to me...I think throwing money at the problem morphs it into another one! I want to put a bandaid on it or something...anything to make it just go away until I can get it fixed! It will take about three weeks to get it in, due to travel schedules etc. In the meantime, what are the chances that no one will notice? To comfort myself, I made a casserole for supper....a potato, two organic carrots, 5 points worth of sausage and an onion, topped with half a cup of cottage cheese made the world go away. Nothin' says I love me like vegetables and cottage cheese! I may love me, but right now? I am wondering why in the devil I wasn't paying attention to that killer sign on a stick by the parcel pick up!

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