Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flowers soothe a troubled spirit, but cleaning

is what I should be doing! I thought it would be interesting to post pictures of how a humble little bunch of carnations can brighten my life! Hubby is always doing the roses thing,but these little flowers are so sweet and delicate. So far both the bedroom and master bath are "in transition" from messy to shiny, so a little break is in order. This week I also treated myself to some Winnipeg rye bread...mmm good. It is a smaller than normal loaf, so it works out to be 1.5 points for two slices of bread. That makes a pretty tasty sandwich, too. This morning, I found that I have gone down a bit, but more or less? I hover for weeks at a time at the same weight before shifting. Hopefully downward. Not to weaken and give up, I continue the fight no matter how many "battles" I lose with the scale. Sigh. The flowers do help though!

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