Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just thought you would like to see

my chubby toes! I have decided to make getting a pedicure a monthly thing...I found a lovely full service shop that will cater to fingers, toes, and hair. One stop shopping at its finest! A happy coincidence was that my toes are an exact match to my new red dress. How fortuitous was that?

I spent a happy day tidying things up around the house. I discovered a great way to dry my make-up brushes. I keep a basket of washcloths in my bathroom, and I tucked the handle of the brushes into the folds of the cloths. Now, there is a furry arrangement that is quite startling! They will be dry by morning, so it is a temporary shock! Although I pared down my cosmetics to a minimal amount, I seem to still have too much to wade through for a "quick face" in the morning. Time to cull the cosmetics, yet again!

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