Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are on the way home!

This trip has been fun, although frustrating when it came to shopping. Shopping between seasons is difficult to say the least.. The summer merchandise isn't in the stores yet, and the sale stuff is very picked over.  However, I did find multiple pairs of high heeled know, the ones for the fantasy life where I wear dress clothes more than two times a week? Never mind. The styles were perfect for my less tan perfect feet...round toed, thick heels and a little platform, bringing my delicate frame up to 6'1" - but I  am comfortable up there. The air is clearer!   I am mourning the loss of my favourite casual shoes. They have just completely disintegrated over the course of the past eight days. They hit their expiry date, and pouf. Gone. So, most of the time my feet were too sore to shop! The shoes I bought just don't seem to work with my travel basics of jeans and a hoody. The gold sparkly shoes don't look or feel quite right, nor did the satiny numbers with the Minnie Mouse bow at the toe....sigh. I love my new fantasy life shoe collection!  I am looking forward to rearranging my closet when I get home to accommodate the new finds, so hopefully, pictures will follow.

Minneapolis was a fun destination. Our hotel  was in the heart of downtown, so we had the usual irritations and expenses  of staying in a big city downtown hotel, but the suite was very spacious, and made up for tit all!  While there, we did eat at one notable restaurant...Lurcat. The food, literally was the best I have ever had. We had the date night special, which was far too much food, but oh, so good!  We both had the same appetizer, Thai meatballs with the most amazing sauce, I had pot roast with a red wine sauce, Rick had pork tenderloin with garden vegetables. I had ice cream, while he indulged in six little donuts (three flavours)  that looked so good I almost stole one!  The restaurants we have eaten in that were touting their  Michelin stars pale when compared to this gem. Amazing food. Gluten free was no problem and we found a lovely new wine that I expect is quite reasonable when bought outside restaurant world.. Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio.  MM MMMMM good. We looked for some to take home, but it was unavailable in the stores we visited. SO, we settled for a bottle of Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's, since it fascinated us. It is supposed to be very good. However, since we failed to bring a bottle opener, we are going back with just one bottle.

We visited the Ikea store three times. I couldn't get enough of the eye candy kitchens! I love the "cook's kitchen" look. Free standing units to house appliances, with open shelves. You just buy the units  you need, and hook them up to the utility lines.  Stainless steel drawers, chopping board counter tops, oiled wood tops, so you can work anywhere in the kitchen without worry!  Slick 'city kitchens' are great, but for me? This style is my heart's desire. I am so looking forward to our store opening in Winnipeg!  Then bye bye white laminate builder's cupboards, and hello "cook's kitchen".

So that is what I have been up to over the last eight days. Eating too much, spending too much and sleeping too much. The coming month I will have to focus on getting all of this fine dining off of my belly. Stay tuned for 'next to no calorie' recipes!

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