Monday, February 27, 2012

The good news is....

After exhausting multiple shopping trips, I found appliances that I love. The bad news is that the frig is too big for the space allotted for it in the kitchen. So, since Amana came to her senses and started working well again after the defrosting, we are going to leave it until we redo the kitchen in the fall.  I certainly hope that she lasts that long, because I really do not want to settle for anything less that the lovely appliances I saw!  So, onward and upward. We are planning on adding an entire wall of cabinets to the kitchen. Dare I hope that for the first time in my married life, all the food in the house will actually live in the kitchen? Wouldn't that be a novelty?  So, to work towards that goal, we are going to eat down our stores so we can repurpose the pantry units in the laundry room. There is so much to get rid of in this house!  Contemplating a move to smaller digs really makes you mentally put a sticker on the "chop" items!  'If you are not prepared to pay to move an item, why on earth are you hanging on to it now? ' is the question I repeatedly have asked myself over the last while.

So, now that that little drama is over, we move on to the next. The dryer repairman is coming tomorrow to visit.  Having never stayed in a house long enough to have appliance meltdowns, this is an entirely new learning experience for me!

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