Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cold War

Amana started it. She made a heartless attack on my produce.  Froze all of my fresh vegetables and fruit. To make a bad situation worse, she dumped a bucket of water on the kitchen floor, so now the battle begins. I am not going to stand for that nonsense. Stand? Well, maybe, but kneeling down to mop up water at three in the morning? Not a good thing. Shopping is not my fort√®, so I am definitely not looking forward to the hunt for new appliances. Should we just replace the frig, or go for a package?  The stove and dishwasher still function, but for how long? Then there is the problem of what colour to buy. White? Black? Stainless? So many choices to make. In reality? I just want to have something that keeps the lettuce crispy and the milk fresh.  It is so easy to succumb to the siren call of the appliance section. My heart's desire would be a suite of restaurant style appliances, but I am not prepared to mortgage the house to buy them. Besides, they would just make the cupboards look really, really bad!

When considering any purchase, an article I read not long ago comes to mind. The author referred to things we keep in our homes for our "fantasy" lives.  I seem to do that a lot with all things related to kitchen and dining room. Dinner parties are a thing of the past since our recent health issues have come to the fore, so why do I have bone china services for twelve? When push comes to shove, we are more likely to dine 'out' than 'in' these days, if we want a special meal. Our regular menu features very quick, uncomplicated dishes, so we really do not require a large inventory of food in our pantry or our refrigerator. We definitely do not need a top of the line refrigerator with theater lighting, as impressive as that may seem in the store. What we do need is a counter depth unit, just to give us a little more clearance  in the kitchen, and a smaller capacity to suit our new lifestyle of "only us"!  I do have a tendency to fill the available space, so getting a smaller frig would be a good thing, just to reduce waste, and energy consumption.

So, basically, I need a smaller, reasonably priced frig, and a new evening dress!  It will be interesting to see what follows us home from the store this weekend!

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