Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to plan the week....

Since I am a little under the weather, I thought it best to plan the most minute activity this week. The man will be off on business, so  I will be on my own...the problem is that I am so dog tired that I could just sleep the whole time, non-stop. Maybe it is a reaction to all the stress, but more likely than not, I am anemic again. It sneaks up on me every couple of years - a course of iron supplements and things balance out again.  So, first on the list will be to hit the Dr's for blood tests, etc.  Much better to do it now, than to wait a month for my scheduled appointment.

Next on the list? Laundry.  Nuff said!
Basic cleaning, you know, dust, vacuum, polish mirrors, dump garbage, change the bed, do the bathrooms and kitchen.

The thing that is really bugging me these days? My dresser. Need to stop using it as a dumping ground for things I never use, and start utilizing the great storage spaces for things I use regularly.  Of course, the dresser purge will lead to a closet purge. Can't do that often enough, and it is just about spring. A good weed of the winter clothing will be a jump start to the spring chores!

Other than that? I have plans to go to a movie and lunch with my dear friend. Last time, we went to Puss and Boots. Not a good thing. It is hard to find a matinee for old people!

Now all that remains, is to plan my 'menu for one', and write it all down!

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